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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On Friendly People

Last weekend I did the Haulin' Aspen trail half-marathon in Bend.  In every race there is someone who is first and someone who is last and I pride myself on helping others feel better by  positioning myself in last position so they can beat someone.  On this particular event they let slow people start an hour early so I was trudging through the dirt when suddenly, someone with gazelle like strides bounded past through the manzanita bushes.  "Hi Teresa," said a voice that sounded just like Carone Weigel, third grade teacher at Sexton Mt..  It was Carone.  She effortlessly breezed by and though I had an hour head start, she still finished more than an hour before me.  The gal I was walking with was so excited for me when I told her that Sexton Mt. staff is full of athletes.  She is sure that someday, with effort, I too will glide like a gazelle.  I was just happy to know that we have kind people who will encourage and support even when I am lost in the wilderness.