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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Carnival, Culture Fair and OAKS-May 22, 2012

Dear Sexton Mountain Families:

Thanks to Tonya Robson and Noel Tyner for planning a fabulous Carnival for our students.  If you were one of the hundreds in attendance Friday night, you know that we had MANY amazing volunteers working hard to create a very special experience for our students.    Kids had so much fun!  Our final volunteers left way after dark and the Scouts finished clean up on Saturday morning.  Once again, I was impressed by how so many came together for the good of our kids. Thank you!

On Saturday, I attended a meeting with a group of school administrators from around the Pacific Northwest.  As I listened to the challenges others are facing, I was again appreciative about how hard our staff and families are working to make the best of our new budget realities.  Thank you for being so positive and supportive in spite of the cuts and changes.  We are moving forward with the best information we have right now but it is likely that things will continue to change over the summer as staff around the District are moved based on vacancies and licensure.  Last week, I announced the tentative teaching assignments for next year but I wanted to reiterate this week that things are still uncertain as there will be District moves. 

This week the residents at Canfield Place will finish up their year serving our students.  Their group has visited weekly to work with students in several classes on learning math facts.  Some of our students have done service projects there too.  Because of their close proximity and all of the benefits we’ve enjoyed by partnering with them, we hope to continue the work in the fall.  They have invited our students to participate in their annual Art Show.  If your child would like to provide artwork to be displayed on June 22, Canfield would love to showcase their work.  The children and families or childcare providers will also be invited to a BBQ that day.  I will take the work to Canfield and return it to students following the show.  As students bring home special pieces during the end of the year, please consider submitting them for display.  We do have amazing artists here at Sexton Mountain.  Congratulations to Alia in Ms. Cunningham’s first grade class. The artwork she submitted has been selected for the Energy & Resource Conservation 2013 Student Art Calendar.   

Also this week, we have over 20 families who will be sharing with our students in the second annual Culture Fair.  Thanks to Susan Goei and Aki Mori for organizing this very special learning opportunity for our kids.  Thanks to all the families who will be sharing with our children!  The kids are very excited to tour the displays and to learn about the cultures represented in our school.

Last week, our students in grades 3-5 finished up the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS).  I had the opportunity to proctor the online assessment during the last week or two and it was a delight to see how seriously students took testing.  They used great strategies like reading passages multiple times to really determine what was being asked of them.  It was fun for me to celebrate with students as they completed assessments.  This year some of the expectations have increased compared to last year, so applying the learning from September through May so thoughtfully was important for kids.

As I visit classrooms, I see the learning continue!  Some grade level teams have started planning Camp Learned A Lot.  I’ve not experienced this before but I understand it will provide opportunities for celebration and learning.  I understand that grade levels will participate and different levels.  Our fifth graders will have their very own celebration as they prepare to leave us for middle school.    I can’t wait to see what is in store for our learners!

On a different note, we had a call from a concerned neighbor about pedestrian and bike safety.  With the nicer weather, more students are walking or biking to school.  A number of our students exit our school grounds behind the building to 158th.  A concerned neighbor noted that the area is often congested with cars and that students cross mid-street instead of at an intersection.  We reminded students at our Thursday assembly how to cross safely.  We have also alerted our Public Safety Officer to the problem to see if that department has any suggestions.  Thanks for obeying traffic laws and for using extra caution around our school.  We have over 600 very special kids and their safety is important to us!

On Sunday, I participated in the Inaugural Portland Rock ‘n Roll Half-Marathon.    Because I’m a slow walker, I have lots of time to think during my 13.1 miles.  There was so much emphasis on this being the “first” event in our area, I thought a lot about all of the firsts I’ve had this year.  This week, my first Carnival and my first Culture Fair have provided me with opportunities to learn about how the Sexton Mountain community gets work done for kids.  I feel privileged to work with you and your children!

Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
A.k.a.  Mrs. C.-B.

Wish List
·       Soil for the Garden Project
·       Boxes for moving
·       Student Artists willing to participate in Art Show at Canfield on June 22
·       Volunteers to participate in a “Packing and Moving Party” on June 14

Upcoming Events
·       May 22-PTC Taiko Assembly  (Primary grades at 10:00am, Intermediate Grades at 8:45am)
·       May 22-Cultural Celebration-8:45am-1:00pm)
·       May 22-Incoming Kindergarten Writing Night-6:30-7:15pm
·       May 22- GoogleDocs for Families Presented by Pam LeLand at 8:45am in the Computer Lab
·       May 25-Furlough Day-No School
·       May 31-Volunteer Appreciation Day
·       June 3-Hayhurst Triathlon  This event has been postponed until fall.
·       June 5- Intermediate Music Program at 6:30pm (DiResta, Stratton, Skiba, Shotola)
·       June 6- Intermediate Music Program at 6:30pm (Krueger, McConnell, Tanksley, Parson)
·       June 8-Field Day-9:00-10:50 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Yokom and AM K.)  and 1:00-2:45 (4th, 5th, PM and Full-Day K. and Burnett)
·       June 12-PBIS Assembly at 8:45am-Rescheduled to last day of school
·       June 12-Mt. Guide Picnic
·       June 13-Fifth Grade Party
·       June 13-Last Day of School
·       June 13-Assembly at 8:45am
·       June 14-Teacher Workday
·       June 15-Furlough Day a.k.a. Budget Reduction Day
·       June 22-Canfield Art Fair and BBQ (Please let us know if you have student artwork to display and would like to attend the BBQ with your child between 11:00am and 1:30pm.)

District Goal for 2010-2015:  All students will show continuous progress toward their personal learning goals, developed in collaboration with teachers and parents, and will be prepared for post-secondary education and career success.
The Beaverton School District recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups.  It is the policy of the Beaverton School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, age, veterans' status, genetic information or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment. 

Sexton Mountain Elementary School n 15645 SW Sexton Mountain Drive n Beaverton, Oregon 97007 n Office: 503.672.3560 n FAX 503.672.3563

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