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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Art Night, Dance, Lemonade and More-Feb. 19, 2013

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:                                                                                                                                                               

Our kindergarten scientists explored the wetlands area this morning.  Armed with clipboard they enjoyed the glorious sunshine as they walked out to the corner of 155th and Sexton Mountain Drive.  Immediately, they noticed the call of birds, different plants beginning to poke out of the water and the fuzz of cattails.  Two ducks were busy preening and children speculated about what they were doing when the bobbed their heads underwater.  Thanks to Ronda Wong and Jen Fife-Adams for keeping our researchers focused and safe on the journey.    Students made sketches and will have much to write about.  

The changing seasons provide opportunities for students to put their observation skills to work. On your way to school each morning, ask your child tell you about what they notice.   Our Science Fair will be held April 11 so now is the perfect time to be thinking about possible projects.  Fourth and fifth graders will have assigned projects but younger students might enjoy sharing observations of nature. 

Students certainly had fun Friday night at the 100th Day Dance!  Thanks to all who volunteered to help with set up, clean up and everything in between. Thanks to Kate Kristensen for spearheading the project.  This Friday night, the Art Fair and Talent Show will provide another opportunity for families to come together for our students.  I look forward to seeing you February 22 between 6:30-8:30pm. 

We have many things on the calendar in the upcoming months but something you will not see on the schedule are Spring Conferences.  Due to the reduction in students' instructional time this school year, a total of 7 days (5 budget reduction days and 2 days for fall conferences), the District will not be conducting spring conferences this year.  We know this is not ideal, but we need to preserve instructional time for all students.  Teachers will complete the Plan and Profile, and include the Plan and Profile with the end of the year report card. 

Great things are happening at Sexton Mountain School.  Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Take Care,

Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
a.k.a. Mrs. C.-B.

Thank you!
§  Thanks to Robyn Fuenmayor for shopping for needed items.
§  Thanks to Tonya Hellerstedt for the donation of soap.
§  Thanks to Sarah Wolfe for the donation of tissues.
§  Thanks to the Erickkson family for the donation of soap.
§  Thanks to Lindsay Maher for researching apps for ipads for us.
§  Thanks to Kim Hurd for the donation of hand soap.
§  Thanks to Grace Cambell for health treats for the staff.

Lemonade Math
The characters in our book go through many cans of frozen lemonade.  This week, I was shopping at an unfamiliar store and found myself near the drink mixes.  Did you know there are a number of powdered drink mixes that are lemonade flavored?  If your family made frozen lemonade two weeks ago, or lemonade from scratch last week, it might be interesting to compare the price, taste and process with one of the available powdered drink mixes OR just compare prices.  Country Time lemonade was on sale 2 for $3.00 and Essential Everyday Lemonade cost $2.69.  Each container makes 32 cups.   How much would each cup of lemonade cost using these mixes?


Lemonade War Service Project
Later in Lemonade War we’ll read about how two of the characters decide to make a donation to helping organization. We’ve entered THE GREAT LEMONADE WAR, a fundraising contest to help find childhood cancer.  The winner of the war not only contributes to a good cause but also will be rewarded with a visit from Jacquline Davies’  author of The Lemonade War.
You can make a contribution to the Sexton Mountain team by sending coins to the office or by visiting:

Upcoming Events
February 20 Passport Club Check Day (Grades 3,4,5)-Email Heidi at to volunteer.
February 22 5th Grade Biz Town Field Trip
February 22-Art Fair 6:30-8:30pm
February 26-Aaron Meyer Assembly at 8:2am-This is a kick off to Music Workshop.
February 26-Electric Safety Assembly for K-3rd Grade at 2:00pm
February 28-Spirit Assembly at 8:25am
March 7-Family Literacy Night 6:30-7:30pm
March 11-Budget Reduction Day-No School
March 13-Fuddruckers-Dining With Dollars
March 14- Kindergarten Orientation Night
March 15-Grading Day-No School
March 25-29-Spring Break-No School

Wish List--These are little things or jobs that will make a difference to our kids. Feel free to send items in or let Mrs. CB know if you are willing to do a project.

§  Postcards-We love to send our students postcards of praise.  Our supplies are dwindling.  Postcards from around the town or around the world are always appreciated and we promise to put them to good use.

§  Valentines-We will be collecting unused Valentine’s cards.  If you have extras you’d like to put to good use, send them to school.

§  Volunteers Wanted-Kindergarten Orientation is March 14. We need about 10 volunteers to serve as our official parent “Welcome Wagon” from 7:00-7:45pm.  If you would like to give a tour of the build to a small group of incoming kindergarten parents, please let me know.  We will have a map and guidebook so no experience is necessary but a warm and welcoming attitude is a MUST!

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