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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another Productive Weekend-September 13-15, 2013

Our volunteers rocked it AGAIN this weekend.  We are getting closer to our ribbon cutting ceremony.
 Trucks pulled up with all the pieces of the new structure on Friday during first grade recess.  Our kids sat back and watched volunteers unload.  The six year olds hoped it would be up and ready before they had to go in for lunch.  They were very EXCITED!!!!  Some even applauded as each new piece came off the truck.

Bright and early Saturday morning the work party started!  We had a great turn out and they did an amazing job of figuring out what needed to be done.

Piece by piece it started going together.

Pippa and Chloe figured out what parts were needed by reading the plans with Karyn.

Mary rocked the ratchet.

 Pizza was served mid-day. Kids love Papa Johns.

 By afternoon the slide was going in.

 They were still working at 4:30 when more volunteers came.

Kids--Don't stand on the slide like this.  

Sunday's work party didn't mind the rain.  When it started to thunder, most took cover.

On Sunday, new bike racks went in too.

Akiko and Cynthia measured to make sure it would be the right height.

Chloe was ready with the hammer when needed.

On Sunday, Holly (a.k.a the birthday girl) rocked the ratchet.

The Wallin team filled in the holes.


When shovels and posthole diggers weren't enough Zachary wasn't afraid to use his hands.

Michael dug REALLY deep holes for the toy that was known by volunteers as the dinosaur.

 The bridge was moved out of the way.  It will be installed in a few weeks once the right parts arrive.

 Team Renee was hard at work with old digging and cement pouring.

 Lilly and her mom moved a lot of chips back under the toys.  Fall protection at its finest!

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  1. Our class loved the pictures and are excited to play on the new playground!