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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Learning from the Stories of Others-April 29, 2014

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:                                                                                                                                  

When my daughter was 3 she didn’t understand how dangerous our street could be.  It wasn’t until a squirrel was run over and she examined its flat, lifeless body that she realized how fast cars could fly around the corner and even very fast critters weren’t safe if they played in the street.  I’m glad that she was able to learn through the experience of another and not her own. 

As Holocaust survivor, Alter Wiener spoke to our fifth graders on Monday afternoon, I was moved by the power of his story and thankful that my children could learn from the experience of another. Watching our students listen to an 88 year old man tell about his 1050 days in German work camps then concentration camps, I was again reminded of how thankful I am that our children can learn from the stories of others without having to experience such horrific events.  While our students won’t likely know the true importance of Mr. Wiener’s stories until much later in life, they did understand the themes he shared including those of hope, learning, open-mindedness and forgiveness.  Students were reminded about the importance of learning from the past so as to aim to live better.  Mayor Doyle introduced our guest and told the children, “We have to know where we have been so we don’t go back.” 

Our children learn from the thoughts, actions and words of characters in books and the people they meet.  Thanks for sharing your children with us and for connecting our kids to great examples.

Exciting things are happening at Sexton Mountain School.  Thank you for sharing your children with us!


Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
a.k.a.  Mrs. C.-B.

THANK YOU-We are so lucky to have an active and involved community willing to do special things for our kids.  When we work together, our kids benefit.
  • §  Thanks to Lindsay Maher organizing and implementing a great Science Fair.  From set up to clean up it was a great experience for our students.
  • §  Thanks to the Jaber family for a generous donation of hand sanitizer to our computer lab.
  • §  Thanks to the Neely, Naseem, and Fogg families for the donation of teacher snacks for our meeting Friday.
  • §  Thanks to the Murray-Scholls Starbucks for providing our staff with highly discounted coffee on Friday.
  • §  Thanks to Kate Kristiansen for organizing the guest speaker visit for our 5th graders.
  • §  Thanks to Safeway for the generous donation of baked treats for our meeting Friday.
  • §  Thanks to Geri Ingalls for making a Costco run for needed items and for scheduling the OMSI assembly.
  • §  Thanks to Dave Duncan and InFocus for donating a special projector for a classroom.
  • §  Thanks to Tiffany Hellum for organizing The Music Workshop experience for our students.
  • §  Thanks to Cheryl Contreras for organizing a Fire Safety visit for our students.
  • Thanks to the amazing math volunteers!  This group has corrected thousands of problems this year.  Thanks to Amy Stratton, Amy VanCauteren, Claire Moore, Debbie Stout, Kristen Hayes, Lindsey Link, Adria Eilers, Shirley Yau, Susie Wilson, Booma Murali, Judith Yan,  Tanya Hellerstedt, Sweta Uchil, Renee Wilkins,  Susan Wallin, Tiffany Culligan, Danelle Isenhart, and Abeer Ahmed.    

Wish List-These are things or jobs that make a difference to our kids, teachers or school. Send in items or let Mrs. CB know if you can volunteer.
       Mr. Miller can put donations of yoga mats to good use in the gym
       Mr. Miller would love donations of no-longer-needed clothes, hats, shoes, etc. for a Field Day activity…the funnier, goofier, more unique the better, but he will take it all (preferably sizes that can fit all body types and ages from 5-105—examples: sweatpants, Hawaiian shirts, shorts, sunglasses, crazy hats, flippers, slip-on shoes)
       Donations of large refill type bottles of hand soap will be put to good use.
       Donations of sugarfree gum will be make testing a bit more enjoyable for kids who may need to have a second try at OAKS.
       Volunteers needed to help with classroom management during our Fire House visit on the morning of May 6.  If you are good at helping kids get from one spot to the next and for staying focused during presentations and you are available, let Mrs. CB know.
       Volunteers are needed to organize and sort a very large order of office supplies in the supply room. 
       Volunteers are needed to organize and stock the remote workroom (near the green pod). 
·          Report off campus traffic issues to
Upcoming Events (bold items have been recently added)
§  May 6-TVFR Visit 8:30-Noon-Fire House and Engine will be in our parking lot.
§  May 6-Mrs. Krueger’s class will be honored at 6:00pm at the Beaverton City Hall for their entry in the Human Rights Expression Contest.
§  May 8-Signal to Noise Awards Ceremony at Sunset Pres. Church 7:00-9:00pm
§  May 14-Passport Club (note date correction)
§  May 22-Volunteer Appreciation Celebration 2:00pm
§  May 23-Assessment Day-No School
§  May 26-Memorial Day-No School
§  May 29- Canfield Lunch Buddy Visit 11:20-12:15
§  May 30-Spirit Assembly 8:30am
§  June 4-After School Club Drama Performance 6:30pm
§  June 5-Kindergarten Celebration 10:00am and 2:00pm
§  June 6-Field Day
§  June 12-Last Day of School and 5th Grade Send Off Party
§  June 12-Report Cards will be sent home in backpack mail or mailed.
§  June 16-Beaverton Party in the Park at Sexton Mountain (After School)

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