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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Think-Know-Act Go- Sept. 16, 2014

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:                                                                                                                                                  

When the phone rings in the middle of the night my heart always races.  In July, I was sound asleep when I bolted upright at the sound of my phone.  My crying daughter responded tearfully to my sleepy greeting.  “I’m stuck in the deck and I think I broke something.  I need help,” she sobbed. 

It took my sleepy mind a second or two to register that we don’t have a deck.  She reminded me that she was pet sitting for the neighbor.  She’d gone into the backyard after the dog.   Unfortunately, and unknown to her, the neighbor’s deck was literally falling to pieces due to dry rot.  The deck on a dark night got the best of her. She fell through in several places and both legs were scraped and bleeding.   A trip to the emergency room revealed a broken bone too.  While she got to work on the process of healing, I suffered from my own form of post-traumatic parenting stress.  All I could think about was, what if I hadn’t been there for her call. 

Over the next week or so, my daughter reminded me time and time again that I had raised her to be an independent problem solver.  While I worried what would have happened if I hadn’t been there, she knew that she called me first because I was close.  She would have called a neighbor or friend if I hadn’t answered.  She reminded me that my most important job as a parent, equipping her to be a capable problem solver, was done before she’d moved away to college.  She went so far as to say that I’d been raising her to be independent since birth so now that she is 22, I needed to chill out.

In the Beaverton School District, our goal is for students to graduate with the skills and habits to be successful in a wide range of college or career options.  We want students to develop the skills and habits of mind to:
·       Think critically and creatively.
·       Know content.
·       Act in a self-directed and collaborative way.
·       Go into the world and be able to navigate locally and globally.

Over the past two weeks of school, I’ve watched many of our parents, grandparents and caring neighbors promote these habits of mind in age appropriate ways.  It’s exciting to see the confident smiles on kids’ faces as you know they are thinking, “I’ve got this!”

Last week I had the chance to ride one of our buses in the morning.  One of our youngest students was worried about separating from family and was reluctant to get on the bus.  What I noticed was the team celebration, all of the parents cheering for him at the bus stop as he got on the bus by himself.  Seeing all the neighbors come together for one another made me smile.  WE collaborate in our school and neighborhood.  WE are there to cheer for one another.  When my daughter was injured, she reminded me that we had many neighbors that she could have literally called out to for help and they would have come because they’ve been looking out for her since she was five.  I love that the Beaverton community works so hard to support the success of students.  It warms my heart knowing that we have such a strong team in place.

Thanks for looking out for our kids.  Thanks for working so hard to make sure each and every child experiences success each day.  Thanks for teaching the habits of mind that will promote independence later in life. 


Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
a.k.a.  Mrs. C.-B.

·     Christine Leyva was hired last week to serve as our intervention teacher.  She replaces Melanee Lucas who moved to Sunset High School.
·     Nathan Roshak was hired last week to serve as a fifth grade teacher.  He will job-share with Steve Simpson.
·     Ms. Leyva and Mr. Roshak will also serve in other classrooms throughout the year so they will become familiar faces.

Thank you!
·       Thanks to all who donated school supply boxes. 
·       Thanks to Holly Medell for repurposing left over supplies from last June into school boxes so that kids in need will have supplies when needed.
·       Thanks to Katie Jenisen for helping us to organize outdated professional development materials.
·       Thanks to Kate Kristiansen for creating “DOT” art throughout the school.
·       Thanks to all who continue to be respectful of the homes around our school.  Some of our neighbors have called law enforcement officers to remind people to not block driveways or parking in Tow Away zones.  Unfortunately, the actions of a few can draw negative attention so I wanted to thank the MANY folks who are parking legally and being respectful.

       We won’t disrupt class learning time for late deliveries.  Let kids know if they forgot lunches in the morning and you plan to deliver them, lunchpails will wait for kids on the late lunch cart so they should check there.
       Please continue to look for the Important Documents in the Back to School Packet.  Sign and return the student verification form and other necessary documents ASAP.  Make sure  the info on the form is correct and let us know if it changes throughout the year.
       We have a number of students with life threatening food allergies.  Remind your child not to share food and to remove food from hands, faces, or clothing before going to the classroom.  Messy fingers and faces can accidentally bring food allergens into contact with classroom tools if kids aren’t careful.  Washing can prevent accidental contact.
       Are you on Facebook?  Stay connected by liking the Principal CB’s Facebook page at
       Remind 101 is an app that allows me to send texts to those who have signed up.  Text @drcleme to (971) 340-2104.   Important events, school closures, weather related delays and other “breaking news” will be shared this way. 
       Are you a Twitter user?  Follow us at

Wish List-These are things or jobs that make a difference to our kids, teachers or school. Send in items or let Mrs. CB know if you can volunteer.
       Donations of iTunes gift cards can be put to good use by our speech teacher Mrs. Moreno.
       We would love to have someone organize the portables for us.  If you like sorting and moving, this is the job of you.  It can be done anytime during the school day.  Contact Mrs. CB if you can help.

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