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Monday, October 6, 2014

Special Kids,Special Families and International Walk and Bike to School Day-October 7, 2014

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:

Last Friday, one of our students was trying to teach me a new greeting.  As she prepared for a special celebration on October 4, it seemed fitting that I should be able to wish her a happy day.  She was so patient as she broke the words down into smaller parts and modeled for me time and time again how to say the words.  No matter how many times I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get it right.  She seemed to appreciate my effort and perseverance so I felt comfortable taking risks. 

At Sexton Mountain, we celebrate all the amazing diverse life experiences our students bring into our classroom every day.  As we celebrate many holidays throughout the year, I would like to know how your family celebrates important life events and holidays.  Do you have any particular songs or an activity that takes place as a family to celebrate holidays?  If you are willing to share them with me, please drop me a note with the name of the activity/song, description of the activity or lyrics of the song, and YouTube link or audio/visual file so that I can experience it myself!

While the student tried to teach me a greeting and told me about how her family celebrates their special holiday last week,  I made many connections between my family’s celebrations and her family’s celebration.  Once again, I was reminded that my white, female, Oregonian perspective is just that;  MY PERSPECTIVE.   It is by no means the right perspective or the only perspective.  Like I’ve shared over the past few weeks, I feel fortunate to learn about others’ perspectives and realize that when I push myself to better understand the perspectives of others, I grow and change in positive ways. I value diversity and realize that parent, grandparent, babysitter, and volunteer responses to the interactions in our school everyday demonstrate this value.   As I mentioned last week, one of our District pillars is EQUITY.  WE EMBRACE EQUITY.  The diversity of the Sexton Mountain learning community makes it extra special. We have VERY SPECIAL KIDS from very SPECIAL FAMILIES. 

Last week I shared that students in our school come from many types of families. Some kids have one parent and some have two parents. Some kids have zero parents so live with grandparents.  Some kids have a mom and dad.  Some kids have foster parents.  Some have a mom and dad plus step-mom and/or step-dad. Some kids have two moms.  Some kids have two dads.  Some students have a deceased parent.  The combinations are endless and the differences vast but the similarities even more important.  Though we have many different types of families, all of our kids have families who want them to succeed. 

Students in our school come from a wide range of financial backgrounds.  Roughly one in five students live in poverty.  Some families are doubled up in one home due to financial reasons so fit the criteria for “homeless”. Some of our students have homes in Beaverton AND vacation communities like SunRiver or Eagle Crest.  While family income levels vary, all families have big hopes and dreams for their children.

I am proud to be part of a district that recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups.  It is the policy of the Beaverton School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, age, veterans' status, genetic information or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment.   We expect all members of the Sexton Mountain learning community to be respectful, safe and responsible.   We know that practicing and modeling safe, respectful and responsible behaviors now will help our children grow into adults who will change the world!

Wednesday, October 8 is International Walk and Bike to School Day.  I plan to meet with the Walking School Bus kids at Walmart at 7:55 a.m. that morning to walk to school with the group.  It looks like the weather will be fabulous and now that leaves are starting to change, I’m sure we’ll be able to make great observations as we enjoy the morning stroll. 

Thank you for sharing your kids with us and for making our learning community so special.


Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
a.k.a.  Mrs. C.-B.

Thank you!

Thanks to Robyn F. and team for an awesome Book Fair.

Thanks to Inga K. for doing several projects for the office last Friday.

We won’t disrupt class learning time for late deliveries.  Let kids know if they forgot lunches in the morning and you plan to deliver them, lunchpails will wait for kids on the late lunch cart so they should check there.

Please continue update the office with any email, phone or emergency contact info changes.

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