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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And the Award Goes To....March 10, 2015

Dear Sexton Mt. Friends:

Nose to nose, knee to knee, the four sat ready for the question.  Weston had his back to the judge but you could tell he was listening intently and thinking about each word.  Once the question was read, the team’s heads got even closer and whispers started.  There were disagreements, convincing words, then when the team was ready, the spokesperson, Masha, shared their answer.  A collective sign of relief could be heard as the judge responded, “That is correct.”  If there had been an awards ceremony, Raymond’s mom or Suhani’s dad may have tied the contest for “Most Nervous Parent Spectator” and the Sexton Mt. team would certainly have won for “Most Curious Team” when they discovered a collection of gum stuck to the underside of a cafeteria table.   Jen Fife-Adams would have easily taken home the “Best OBOB Organizer Ever” and Dawn Kimball could have earned the “Most Inspirational Post Contest Speech for 11th Place Winners.”    I am so proud of the efforts of our students and volunteers! 

Because I was alive in the 80s and actually attended a few proms in that decade as well, I felt like I was stepping back in time Saturday when I went the Sexton Mt. Learn and Play Auction.  Our community supported our school with great donations.  Our parents turned out with spirited outfits (thanks to Susan Elliott and Jenny Tan for capturing pictures) and generous hearts.  “It’s for a good cause,” was heard more than once.    Cynthia Neely and her team of auction volunteers pulled off another fabulous event and I’m sure our students will benefit with tools for learning and perhaps even a climbing wall in the gym. Auctioneers Joe and Jenny were hilarious.  Thanks to all who worked so hard to support our students.

Good things are happening at Sexton Mountain School!  Because of this it’s easy to forget that Oregon has one of the worst school funding ratios in the nation.  What is happening in Salem right now will make a difference to our students.  In fact, the next two weeks are critical for the Oregon K-12 Education Budget and the future of our children. Several influential legislators want to move quickly to determine the two-year state school fund for K-12. While this might sound like good news, it is not. The funding level they are proposing is $7.235 billion, which would result in reductions across the state. For Beaverton it means our schools would lose $90 per student, which translates to a loss of $4.1 million next year. This is an unacceptable level of funding. I am working with educators throughout Oregon on this urgent issue. Every community in Oregon needs to engage and advocate.

We need to aggressively act now!  A loud and collective voice will make a difference! I invite you to voice your concerns about this level of K-12 Education funding. We need to communicate with our legislators with letters, emails, phone calls, and spread the word with every tool at our disposal.


Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
A.k.a.  Mrs. C.-B.

·      As you’ve seen from our “wish list”, we are already busy getting ready for the 2015-2016 school year.  With the addition of three full-day kindergarten classrooms, we are making sure we have furniture, schedules, spaces and materials ready.  Thanks in advance to all who have helped with this.  In the upcoming weeks, I will get information on the number of teachers at each level we’ve been assigned for the upcoming year.  While I still don’t know who will be teaching what next year, I would like to ask NOW for parent input for next year. Between now and March 20, feel free to write me a letter.  Letters will be shared with current teachers.  Teachers, as well as current specialists, will be providing information regarding students' learning needs as we work to develop balanced classes at each level.   Please address the following points:
o   Your child's learning style. 
o   The type of teaching that best suits your child. Do not list specific teacher names as teaching assignments have not been determined.
o   Any special concerns that need to be considered.
·      Oregon has one of the shortest school years in the nation.  It is vital that students attend school when we are in session.  Kids should miss school only if they have a fever or are throwing up.  

·       Thanks to the McElroy family for donating a video camera to fourth grade.  Kids have enjoyed using it for Signal to Noise projects.
·       Thanks to the Medell family for donating K-cup coffee pods to the staff room!  These were especially appreciated this week.
·       Thanks to the Jenny and Joe for doing such a fabulous job of guiding the auction experience Saturday night.
·       Thanks to Cynthia and her fabulous Auction Team for all the work they put into the Auction Saturday.
·       Thanks to Jen-Fife Adams, Dawn Kimball and Roger Golliver for their work at the Oregon Battle of the Books on Saturday.
·       Thanks to the Stojanovic family for donating gum and disinfecting wipes.
·       Thank you to the Eberlein Family for magazines for the cafeteria reading bins.

Wish List-These are things or jobs that make a difference to our kids, teachers or school.  Send in items or let Mrs. CB know if you can volunteer.
·      We are building a button collection for the fall for our new kindergarten.  If you can donate buttons to our button collection, please send them to the office.
·      Volunteers are needed to help with Kindergarten Orientation. Contact Mrs. CB if you are willing to help out from 3:30-5:00pm on March 12.  This is a great activity for high school students hoping to do community service. For each of the volunteer positions, all materials are provided as well as instructions for the job.  The goal for each of the jobs is for families and children to feel connected. Jobs and descriptions are posted below:
o   Sparky-Serve as our mascot (this can be warm) and greet children between 3:40-4:15pm.
o   Sparky’s Handler-Help Sparky move about safely between 3:40 and 4:15pm.
o   Welcome Table-Greet guests, get them the correct materials and point them in the right direction between 3:40 and 4:15pm.
o   Phonics Activity Table-Greet children and get them started on a Nifty Noodle Necklace Project between 3:40 and 4:15pm.
o   Backpack Sorting Table-Greet children and help them (and families) see the importance of having the right sized backpack with a backpack sorting activity between 3:40 and 4:15pm.
o   Math Activity Table-Show children how to play a game between 3:40-4:15pm. 
o   Mascot Puppet Table-Help children make an eagle puppet between 3:40 and 4:15pm.
o   Tour Guides-Welcome adults and give them a tour of the school 4:25-5:00pm
o   Tech Greeter-Website/Sparky’s Page/Volunteer Background Check Facilitator-Welcome adults to the computer lab and show them where to complete the Volunteer Background check and where they can find info on our PTC and other online community tools.
·      Children’s magazines can always be put to good use in our cafeteria.
·      Antibacterial or disinfecting wipes are needed for the computer lab.  Mrs. Kramer cleans the computers regularly and wipes make her job much easier.
·      A volunteer is needed to spiffy up cubbies and tables that will be used for full day kindergarten next year.  Your creative license will come in handy along with contact paper (we will provide that)!  Let Mrs. CB know if you’d like to do this project for us anytime between now and June 12.

Upcoming Events

March 12 Kindergarten Orientation at 4:00pm
March13 Grading Day - No School
March 18  5th Grade BizTown Trip
March 19 Passport Club
March 20 PBIS Assembly at 8:30am
March 23-27-Spring Break-No School
April 2  Cynthia Lord Author Visit
9:00-9:45 K, 1st, 2nd (PM kinders welcome to attend with adult)
10:35-11:30 AM Tsakistos, Simpson, Shotola, Baldwin, Olson
1:30-2:30PM- Stratton, Bartlett, Hunt, Tanksley, Pfaff 

April 9 Literacy Night-6:30-7:30pm
April 11 Run with the Eagles 5K
April 14 PTC Meeting at 6:30pm
April 15 Passport Club
April 23 Jog-a-thon
April 23 PTC Science Fair
April 24 Staff Development Day-No School

May 1 PBIS Assembly at 8:30am
May 4-8  Book Fair
May 12 PTC Meeting at 9:00am
May 13 Passport Club
May 15 PTC Carnival
May 21-Volunteer Appreciation-2:00pm
May 22 Assessment Day- No School
May 25 Memorial Day-No School
June 5 Field Day
June 9 PTC Meeting at 6:30pm
June 12 Last Day of School

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