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Monday, March 30, 2015

Author Visit, Close Reading, Building an Inclusive Environment-March 31, 2015

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:  

Cynthia Lord, author of Rules will visit our school on Thursday, April 2.  We are especially excited about this visit because Rules centers on the story of a big sister who happens to have a younger brother who is autistic.  Through the story, we have learned some about autism but more importantly, we learn how to understand the perspectives of others and how our actions and words can show how we care by creating an inclusive environment. 

Ms. Lord will let students know the four things that helped her become an author (reading, writing, learning and dreaming) and she’ll share how she uses sensory details in her writing.  She’ll show how her editor’s comments help with revision.  As the mom of a son with autism, I’m sure she’ll also share how much her experiences influence her work.   I hope our children are inspired to write their own stories.  Thanks to our PTC for bringing this very special author to our school and for providing books to families for our One School/ One Theme event.  Each family should have received one copy of Rules for students in grades 3-5 or My Brother Charlie for students in the primary grades.  We hope you read, reread and enjoy these books for years to come.

Throughout the year, I’ve been talking about the importance of analyzing texts by reading closely.  We can learn so much about life by expanding our lens as we study the words, thoughts and actions of characters in books.  We can learn about style, conflict and authoring new patterns of behavior as we study texts.  These lessons can then be transferred to life as we study style, conflict and patterns of behaviors in our own lives.  What I most appreciate about Cynthia Lord’s Rules is that through the study of the brother’s behaviors, we can develop a better understanding of students we interact and learn with every day.  The text builds a deeper perspective of how we interact with our environment based how we are wired.  As a result of interacting with the text, I believe that our students will act in a more inclusive manner.

Please make sure to come to Family Literacy Night on Thursday, April 9 from 6:30-7:30pm where the theme of building an understanding of diverse perspectives will be built upon through a range of different activities.  Thanks for sharing your children with us!


Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
A.k.a.  Mrs. C.-B.

·       If your child will miss school, please make sure you call the attendance line with the information at 503-259-7635.

·       Thanks to Kara Ebbutts for working magic with contact paper.  Thank you to Holly Medell for the coffee pods for the staff room.

Wish List-These are things or jobs that make a difference to our kids, teachers or school.  Send in items or let Mrs. CB know if you can volunteer.
·       We are building a button collection for the fall for our new kindergarten.  If you can donate buttons to our button collection, please send them to the office.
·       Children’s magazines can always be put to good use in our cafeteria.
·       Antibacterial or disinfecting wipes are needed for the computer lab.  Mrs. Kramer cleans the computers regularly and wipes make her job much easier.
·       A volunteer is work magic with contact paper.  If you can do this, let Mrs. Z know.

Upcoming Events

April 2  Cynthia Lord Author Visit
9:00-9:45 K, 1st, 2nd (PM kinders welcome to attend with adult)
10:35-11:30 AM Tsakistos, Simpson, Shotola, Baldwin, Olson
1:30-2:30PM- Stratton, Bartlett, Hunt, Tanksley, Pfaff 
April 9 Literacy Night-6:30-7:30pm
April 11 Run with the Eagles 5K

April 14 PTC Meeting at 6:30pm
April 15 Passport Club
April 23 Jog-a-thon
April 23 PTC Science Fair
April 24 Staff Development Day-No School
May 1 PBIS Assembly at 8:30am
May 4-6  Book Fair

May 12 PTC Meeting at 9:00am
May 13 Passport Club
May 15 PTC Carnival
May 21-Volunteer Appreciation-2:00pm
May 22 Assessment Day- No School
May 25 Memorial Day-No School
June 5 Field Day
June 9 PTC Meeting at 6:30pm
June 12 Last Day of School

District Goal for 2010-2015:  All students will show continuous progress toward their personal learning goals, developed in collaboration with teachers and parents, and will be prepared for post-secondary education and career success.
The Beaverton School District recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups.  It is the policy of the Beaverton School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, age, veterans' status, genetic information or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment. 

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