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Monday, April 6, 2015

Get Ready for Family Literacy Night!

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:

Do you see your family reflected in the books your child reads?  During our author visit last week, Cynthia Lord shared that her inspiration for Rules came when her daughter noted that her family wasn’t represented in the books she read.  Or, when characters with autism were included, there didn’t seem to be an emphasis on the JOY and VALUE that ALL people bring to our world.  That her book was recognized with the Newbery Honor Award and Schneider Family Book Award shows that characters with disabilities make for great stories too!  Thanks to our PTC for providing students with the opportunity to hear author Cynthia Lord last week.  Through the story, we learned some about autism but more importantly, we learn how to understand the perspectives of others and how our actions and words can show how we care by creating an inclusive environment.

Thanks to our PTC for bringing this very special author to our school and for providing books to families for our One School/ One Theme event.  Each family should have received one copy of Rules for students in grades 3-5 or My Brother Charlie for students in the primary grades.  We hope you read, reread and enjoy these books for years to come.  Our celebration will continue this Thursday when families will have the opportunity to come to Family Literacy Night at Sexton Mountain School from 6:30-7:30pm.  There will be a range of activities for your family to enjoy.

In the Blue Pod (Kindergarten, Music, Tech)-Everyone will start at a schedule, with information on the importance of routines and structure for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Participants will follow the schedule to transition to 2 sensory stations and then we will play a mini charades game to explore what it feels like to have different communication abilities. Last, they will visit a bulletin board with examples of instructional visuals on social skills. Participants will have the option to take a flyer on the different needs and abilities of people with ASD, and how we can help support.

In the Pink Pod (1st grade) --- In My Brother Charlie, Callie writes, "I have learned from Charlie that love doesn't always come from what you say. It can also come from what you do." Draw a picture showing one thing that you do to show love? 

Purple Pod (2nd and 3rd grade) -- Using the laptops and iPads, students will create WORDLES with traits of the characters from Rules

Green Pod (4th grade) –The team has put together songs of friendship, joy, and acceptance for a sing-a-long.  Music is a form of communication that can be either non-verbal or verbal.  Music provides us with thoughts and emotions that can be interpreted by each individual.  Music can be enjoyed by listening to it, or by singing or humming along.  Music can bring a great sense of joy to everyone!

Red Pod (5th grade) –  A surprise activity is planned for your learning enjoyment in the Red Pod.

We hope to see you for our very special night of learning and exploration.  Our amazing PTC is partnering with the Sexton Mt. NAC and community partners to host the Run with the Eagles 5K this Saturday, April 11.  The fun begins with packet pick up at 8:00am.  I hope to see you there!


Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
A.k.a.  Mrs. C.-B.

·       If your child will miss school, please make sure you call the attendance line with the information at 503-259-7635.

·       Thanks to all who have contributed chewing gum to our school.  Students are enjoying it during testing this month and next.
·       Thanks to Renee Wilkins for donating buttons.

Wish List-These are things or jobs that make a difference to our kids, teachers or school.  Send in items or let Mrs. CB know if you can volunteer.
·       Our building will be under construction this summer so we are looking for someone to provide temporary care for the 10 community tetras (fish) and one algae eater in Mrs. CB’s office.  Please contact Mrs. CB if you have room in your tank for these fish. 
·       We are building a button collection for the fall for our new kindergarten.  If you can donate buttons to our button collection, please send them to the office.
·       Children’s magazines can always be put to good use in our cafeteria.
·       Antibacterial or disinfecting wipes are needed for the computer lab.  Mrs. Kramer cleans the computers regularly and wipes make her job much easier.
·       We would love donations of child sized rakes, brooms, and dustpans for our students to use at recess.  Kids love to help out by organizing the bark chips. 
·       Because our students love to help pick up litter on the playground, we hope to also get donations of the tools that I best describe as “grabber things” so that students can refine motor skills as they pick up trash safely too. 

Upcoming Events

April 9 Literacy Night-6:30-7:30pm
April 11 Run with the Eagles 5K
April 14 PTC Meeting at 6:30pm
April 15 Passport Club
April 23 Jog-a-thon
April 23 PTC Science Fair
April 24 Staff Development Day-No School

May 1 PBIS Assembly at 8:30am
May 4-8  Book Fair Open 8:00-4:00
May 7  Book Far Open 6:00-8:00pm
May 12 PTC Meeting at 9:00am
May 13 Passport Club
May 15 PTC Carnival 5:30-7:30pm
May 22 Assessment Day- No School
May 25 Memorial Day-No School
May 29 Volunteer Appreciation Celebration 2:00 – 3:00 PM

June 5 Field Day
June 9 PTC Meeting at 6:30pm
June 12 Last Day of School


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