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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Personal Safety, Evacuation, Compassion, Ethics-News-November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015

The purpose of today’s newsletter is to:
·      Remind you about the importance of TEACHING PERSONAL SAFETY SKILLS at home and school
·      Inform you about EVACUATION Drills and invite you to participate in a positive change
·      Tell about our school focus of COMPASSION during the month of December
·      Provide information about the ETHICS policy for public employees

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:

It was Friday, November13 and his work was done.  He was in Paris and had  16 hours before he would board a plane back to Oregon.  He didn’t know that his daugther had been telling the Sexton Mt. principal about his travels and how eager she was to see her dad.  His girl was counting the hours too.  For him,  it was time to be a tourist!  He enjoyed the views, visited catherals and had a late dinner.  He was 500 meters away from the concert venue but didn’t hear gunshots.  When he returned to his hotel he got a text from his sister.  The city was on curfew.  Some areas were on lock down.  The borders were sealed.  As news unfolded, he was planning and considering choices.  Land borders or air borders closed?  Shuttle bus, taxi, uber?  Away from the windows, doors locked, he made a plan and by Monday, he safely walked his child to school. 

Though he had not planned or rehearsed what to do if in this situation, he did have the mindset of being aware and being responsible for personal safety and well-being.  This very important life skill of situational awareness needs to be developed early in ways that are kid friendly and promote confidence.

A few years ago, there was a serious car accident near my school just before dismissal time.  The route that some kids took home was blocked.  We rerouted kids just two blocks so they wouldn’t see the mangled metal.  I was shocked by how taking a slightly different route caused panic in some kids.  We led them around the accident to the same street they would have walked on every day but some felt lost.  They didn’t have practice at confidently rerouting so were in a dither!

What opportunities does your child have to safely figure out every day dilemmas?  Are you allowing them to fail in safe ways so they learn the power of trying again a different way?  Are you building confident, solution oriented kids who will someday be ready to navigate safely locally and globally?

Last Friday when we had our Lock Out, parents who were in the building commented on how smoothly students and staff responded.

Parent Noticing--I was locked out with the students and staff while I was reading to kinders and I have to say, the staff did a WONDERFUL job! Thank you for everything you do to not only teach our kiddos, but keeping them safe. It was business as usual, and other than not getting a recess, I don't think the kids even noticed anything was going on. Great job!
Parent Noticing--I was LOCKED IN too...and despite my own panic at the thought of being locked in with 500 kids for the day, :) it was so calm, and focused. Mrs. CB, Margaret, Diane, Mr. Shotola (I was in his class)...were so efficient, professional and prepared...just the right tone...everyone did what they do. No drama. Just smart, aware people taking care of the intellectual and emotional needs of our kids and keeping them safe. Kids hardly disrupted. Even after when the phones were ringing off the hook, the staff was professional and patient and nurturing. Seriously, these people at the school our kids are lucky enough to go to, have got it going on.

A dad arrived following the Lock Out and was breathing heavy.  He’d heard the news, jumped in his car and sped from the Pearl District to school.  He arrived in time for the Lockout to be done.  I walked him to the classroom where his child was happy and learning.  He didn't even notice that dad was there.  The dad left smiling knowing that his son is well cared for.

I was reminded again and again last Friday of several important things.

Parents need to know what each of our EMERGENCY PROTOCOLS are and what to do if we are experiencing something.  If you are in the building, follow the directions on the signs posted around the building.  If you are home or at work stay there.  Following our Lock Out on Friday, I had several parents and community members with great questions or ideas.  I've included parent/community thinking below in italics and my response in plain text.

Resource from a Parent-5-0 Radio Police Scanner App--As a parent we wondered what was going on so we installed an app on our phone called "5-0 Radio police Scanner" to listen to the Washington County Sheriffs doing an amazing job tracking down the fellow who stole something from a woman in our neighborhood. I think parents should realize there are resources to answer their curiosity beyond school personnel who have a lot to do. (we are a highly curious community ). Just wanted you to know one option for answering our own questions without calling or going to school.   
Mrs.CB's Response--Great idea!  

Question from a Parent-Website?--I appreciated the text this morning (especially the follow up text) and I was one of the parents that were able to remain calm and not get in the way, despite the fact that you had in your presence one of the most precious things in my life. However, when I did go to the BSD website this morning there was nothing about the lockdown. The info didn’t seem to appear until after the lockout was clear. :/  Would that be normal procedure?
Mrs.CB's Response--The District website will always have the most up to date information.  Here is a screen shot of the ALERT on our District Webpage.  The Public Safety page has all past posts as well so if there is nothing here, check the Safety Page at: at 

Question from a Parent-Medical Issues?
My child's medication is stored in the office.  If he or she had to stay in the classroom for a long period of time, how would the school handle that?
Mrs.CB's Response—We have contacted the nurse and will make sure that we have plan for each child.

Comment about Sparky's Facebook Page?It might help to get this type of info up on Sparky’s page as well.
Mrs.CB's Response--Sparky's Facebook Page is run by the PTC so it's not an official district site.  Parents on Sparky's Page are welcome to pass along info from our District website info but users should assume that the District Website has the most up to date information. 

Kids spend less than 30% of the day at school so please make sure you have plans for home and other places as well.
To Learn about the Standard Response Protocol, go to:
Fire Safety at Home and School

To Help with  Sexton Mt. Evacuation Kits:

This is the season when many families will show how much they appreciate staff members for the work they do during the year. We are fortunate in the Beaverton School District that students and parents/guardians hold our teachers and staff in high regard. This alone is a significant acknowledgement and sign of respect. At times, parents may wish to give a gift to a classroom teacher or other staff member. Doing so puts our staff in a difficult ethical situation.

District employees are subject to Oregon ethics laws that govern the receipt by employees of gifts that may not exceed $50.00 from any individual giver on an annual basis. Employees must be aware of any gifts they are offered or receive from any source.  Cookies and lattes have value and the little kind things you do add up.

Parents/guardians should refrain from giving gift cards or other items of significant value to our staff.
Instead, we encourage you to write a note of thanks to the classroom teacher or staff member. We appreciate your understanding and as always, your ongoing support.

I am grateful to work in such a caring and supporting community. 

Dr. Teresa Clemens-Brower
a.k.a.  Mrs. C.-B.

Wish List-These are things or jobs that make a difference to our kids, teachers or school. Send in items or let Mrs. CB know if you can volunteer.

Donations of Sports Illustrated for Kids, Ranger Rick, Highlights, Lego Magazine, Zoo Books, American Girl and more will be put to good use.
Upcoming Events
Nov. 25-School Closed-27-Thanksgiving Holiday-No School
Nov. 30-Grading Day-No School for Students
Dec. 21-Winter Break Begins
Jan. 4-School Resumes

  Lock Out Learning-We realized that PARENTS have not been as well trained in these events.  We’ve sent information before but today is a great day for a reminder.  Please know the procedures we follow so you can support your kids. 

To Do
Not To Do
Be calm.  Calm is contagious. 

Check the District Website.  Emergency messages are posted there.

Watch the video about what you SHOULD do and know what you will need to have when it’s time to pick up your child if that needs to happen.

Know the Standard Response Protocols.

Keep ALL your contact information up-to-date.

Do not call the office!  The office staff needs to listen for direction from our Public Safety Office or Local Law Enforcement.  During our short LOCK IN today, over 30 people called with questions.  This is a HUGE disruption to the work we need to do.  When the phone rings we don’t know if it’s Law Enforcement with directions or parents with questions until we answer. Do not call school!

Do not come to the office.  If you are in the building, stay in that area and support the students and staff there.  We will let you know if help is needed.  People talking and asking questions in our office is a disruption.

Do not pound on the doors.  During Lock Outs we will not let anyone IN or OUT.  As a grown up, you are responsible for your personal safety, so get to a secure spot. 

Do not hang out around the doors.  If a person of concern (a.k.a. the bad guy) was outside and you were at risk, we would not put our 500+ students at risk by opening the door for you.  Do NOT put us in that situation. 

Following the event, don’t call the school.  Our #1 priority is to care for kids.  If we are in Lock Out due to police activity, we will know there is police activity—nothing more.  It disrupts our ability to care for your children if you call.
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