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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Learning from today to make for a better tomorrow-Sept. 7, 2016

Learning from today to make for a better tomorrow

I was in a 5th grade classroom today as they talked about a science experiment.  One girl talked about how they refined their process as they learned from mistakes.  Our young scientists are showing their growth mindset.  They are great models for us!  We are taking our learning from Tuesday, refining our process and trying something that will hopefully be even better on Wednesday.

Lunch Number Pad
The keypad for entering lunch numbers changed.  Many of our older students had relied on muscle memory to remember and input numbers. The new keypad has numbers in different locations.  Please encourage children to practice using the new keypad (pictured below).  The office has extra practice sheets if you'd like to pick one up. If students are having a hard time remember the 6 digit number, we also have plastic bracelets students can use to record the number to make it easy to wear to lunch.  The bracelets are on the late lunch cart in the office.

Dismissal Routines
Last year was the first year kindergarten students were dismissed from the kindergarten porch.  This worked well for children and their grown ups but our first graders were a bit overwhelmed by all the space and people today so tomorrow, we are going to clearly define their waiting area.  Under the covered area just outside  of the cafeteria doors we have labeled 4 boxes with first grade teacher names.  Please leave those spaces open so children can wait in the spot for pick up. First grade families, please make sure your child tells the teacher you have arrived and waits for confirmation from the teacher that the message has been received.  Second and third grade students will wait near the bench.  Older kids are more independent so won't have assigned spots.  Because the covered spaces will be reserved for students, adults are encouraged to bring an umbrella on rainy days.  Thanks in advance for making space for our kids.

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