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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thoughtful Readers Set Goals-November 8, 2016

Sexton Mt. Families:

We are an active school!  We move throughout the day every day.  I happened to be in Ms. Weigel's class last week as students prepared for the Kidz Bop Shuffle.  The sudden, controlled burst of mid-morning movement helped them transition from one activity to the next.  By the end of the song they were breathing hard, yet focused and ready for the next part of their day.

In Ms. Bartlett's classroom, students are working together to set goals to improve or increase the activity they are doing.  Those specific, focused, attainable, and measurable goals help them to see the GROWTH mindset in action!  They know hard work pays off!
Our students apply this mindset to academic areas as well.  They set goals, find opportunities to practice, then celebrate as they figure out next steps and new goals.  Sometimes these small goals set the stage for others.  One of the things I LOVE about the kindergarten "READ TO ME" is that our 5-year old children imitate the more advanced readers who've shared books with them.  Whether it’s a third grader or a 30-year old, our kids adopt the voice of the ones who've read to them.

Books build shared knowledge and experience. Our children read together, share books and encourage next reads.  Kids suggest books to one another as they learn about common interests and authors.  I delight in listening to them make connections as they do this.  The relationships they are building over Piggie and Me, Pete the Cat or Gregor the Overlander set the stage for playing, writing and deeper thinking. 

In the mornings when children come to school, I often ask about their reading life.  Some tell me the latest updates in storyline and character development.   In addition to hearing about great books, I get to see kids show care for one another too.   We have such caring children and they invest in the success of others!   I've seen this as students look out for one another before school and as they part with younger siblings through a series of hugs and well wishes.  Sexton Mt. students and families rock.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!  It is indeed a delight to see them grow and change.  I have great hope for the future of our community and nation because of the children I see in our school today.


Teresa Clemens-Brower

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