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Monday, December 5, 2016

Writing, Snow and Rain-December 6, 2016

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:

As a group of first graders finished up a unit on personal narratives, they invited kindergarten students for a visit to share what they learned.  They presented the steps of the writing process then shared their published works.  There were stories about trips to the zoo, the beach, apple farms, and time with cousins.

On Monday morning, students were very excited about the weather.  Thanks to a recent science lesson, 5th graders are able to talk about the conditions needed in order for there to be snow at the valley level.  Younger students are sure that IF you sleep with your pjs inside out and put a white crayon on the windowsill, there will be snow.  Either way, it’s important for families to know that if weather creates unsafe travel conditions, school bus routes may change, school may be delayed, close early or be closed all day.  Check out the info at the link below for more information.

If there is a 2-hour delay, supervision at Sexton Mt. will begin in the cafeteria at 10:05am.  Students will go to class at 10:25am and instruction will begin at 10:30am.    If buses are on snow routes, there will be no service for Bus 163.

As I finish this letter, our kindergarten students are coming in from recess.  I hear their excited squeals,  “It’s snowing!  It’s snowing!  It’s snowing!”  From my window, it looks like heavy rain with maybe a giant flake in the mix.   In the health room, there is one very wet little girl asking for a change of clothes.   We DO get excited about the changing seasons!

Unless the temperatures are well below freezing, kids do have recess daily.  If your child is a weather scientist (ie-likes to test the depths of puddles, does experiences to determine the difference between water resistant and water proof, or tries to measure the liquid pouring from downspouts), please feel free to send an extra change of clothes and shoes as this is the time of year our supplies run low.  Teachers reinforce expectations prior to recess but it’s also helpful if families state their expectations to children too. 

Thank you for sharing your children with us.

With thankfulness and appreciation,

Teresa Clemens-Brower, Ed. D.
a.k.a. Dr. C.-B.

 The intersection at 155th and Sexton Mt. becomes flooded during wet weather.  Proceed with caution.

Our last big snow came a few years ago  School closed mid-day and contacting all families was made more difficult when we didn't have current contact information for some.  Please make sure all your emergency contact information is up-to-date.  Contact if your home phone, cell phone, work phone, email or the information  for those you've given permission to pick up your child changes

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