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Monday, April 10, 2017

Reading, Recognition, Reminders-April 11, 207

Dear Sexton Mt. Families:

The highlight of my first week in April was listening to students share about their Spring Break reading.  Our students did a lot of reading!!!  I noticed that some light up when they talk about books.  They talk about mysteries solved, facts learned and beloved characters.  I have noticed that a few children haven’t yet discovered the joy of reading.  When asked about what they read they respond, “chapter books” and aren’t able to tell titles, characters or facts. 

My goal for April, May and June will be to get all children set for summer by helping them to set specific reading goals and plans.  I’m checking in with kids, matching books to readers and celebrating successes!  Our school library is open for students to check out or read silently every morning at 7:30am.  If your child needs extra support in finding books they love, have them check in with Ms. Kimball. Our school computer lab has space for 30 students to practice math or reading from 7:30-8:05am as well.  If your child needs extra time on School Pace, please let me know and I can see if we have space available in the lab before school.   On June 1, we will have a family literacy night at Beaverton City Library.  We hope your family will come and sign up for the summer reading program. 

Walking School Bus Recognized
Jim Hayhurst and Holly Heaver were recognized by Washington County for their contributions to community health and wellness by consistently providing support and encouragement for the Walking School Bus.  Holly and Jim have met students at 8:00am in the grocery store parking lot on Murray and Gordonite for more than six years.  The group walks to school and more students join the group as they wind through the neighborhood.  Over the year, this has reduced automobile traffic in the school parking lot by likely hundreds (if not thousands).  The extra movement before school boosts brain functioning too so it’s a win-win!

School Garden-Farm to Table Project
Students in our Structured Routines Center classroom have been learning about cooking and nutrition.  They’ve learned about different tastes and textures as they’ve explored different foods throughout the year.   We’d like to extend their learning by providing an opportunity for children to grow their own food by building a garden.  We’d like to build a raised bed garden in the open-air enclosed area between the cafeteria and office.  Unlike the garden space near the portables, this space is easily accessible, close to water, and protected from most animals and humans.   We are looking for a volunteer to take on this project by planning, building, and setting up the space with the help of student volunteers from ISB on April 19.   On April 19, a team of student volunteers from ISB will be here from 9:00-Noon.

Student Survey
Elementary students in 4th and 5th grade will be surveyed this year in an online survey. The survey will be done during library/tech time. The student survey window is: April 10-June 9.
·       Each year the District surveys students and staff to gather information for planning, program evaluation, and assessment of progress on the District's Strategic Plan.
·       The student survey takes about 20 minutes during the regular school day. The data gathered from the survey are anonymous; your child will not put his/her name or other identifying information on the survey.  Like other surveys, results will be presented only about groups. No individual data will be reported.
·       Your child may skip questions or stop filling out the survey at any time. Refusing to participate or withdrawing from the survey does not affect your child's grades or class standing in any way. If you or your child does not want to participate, your child can read or do some other activity while his or her classmates complete the survey.
·       A copy of the survey is available from your child's school and is posted at
·       After reviewing the survey, if you do not want your child to participate, please notify your child’s teacher AND Mary Kramer at

If you haven’t had a chance to visit school lately, know that great things are happening here.  Teachers are teaching.  Learners are learning.  The wind storm last week gave me with one more opportunity to see how flexible, solution oriented and proactive students and families are when it comes to personal safety and the safety of others.  Thank you for sharing your children with us!


Teresa Clemens-Brower, Ed. D.

·      As the weather gets nicer, we will likely see more children walking or biking to school.  Please review the safe routes to school map that shows a safer route to school.
·      Encourage neighbors to Enroll Now for Fall Kindergarten
·      Early Release Starts Fall of 2017 - When planning for next year, please remember that the District will implement an early release model beginning September 13.
·      Thanks for keeping the office informed of any updated contact information. 
·      All medication (including cough drops) must be signed in to the Health Room by an adult.

Upcoming Events
·      April 12 Kindergarten and 1st Grade Music Program 6:30pm
·      April 19-ISB Students Day of Service-The group will transform Portable 6 from Storage to a Maker’s Space and they will build a raised bed vegetable garden space.  If you can help, please let Mrs. CB know.
·      April 27 Jog-a-thon During Specials (Volunteers must complete Background Checks prior to the event.  Complete your application today if you haven’t already.
·      April 27 STEAM Night 6:30-8:00pm
·      May 19 Carnival (Volunteers must complete Background Checks prior to the event.  Complete your application today if you haven’t already.
·      May 26 No School Assessment Day
·      May 29 No School Memorial Day
·      June 1 Family Literacy Night at Beaverton City Library @ 5:30pm
·      June 2 Volunteer Appreciation Celebration
·      June 3 Run with the Eagles 5K
·      June 7 4th and 5th Grade Music Program at 6:30pm
·      June 16 Field Day (Volunteers must complete Background Checks prior to the event)
·      June 22  Last Day of School for Students
·      Aug. 2  School Office Open 8am-Noon
·      Aug. 9  School Office Open 8am-Noon
·      September 5-First Day of School for 1st-5th Grade
·      September 5-First Day of School for Kindergarten Students Last Name A-L
·      September 5-No School for Kindergarten Students Last Name M-Z
·      September 6-No School for Kindergarten Students Last Name A-L
·      September 6- First Day for Kindergarten Students Last Name M-Z
·      September 6-This is the only Wednesday of the school year with a 3:05pm dismissal due to it being the first day of school for some kindergarten students and some students at the middle and high school level too.
·      September 13-Early Release Wednesdays Begin-Sexton Mt. students will be dismissed at 1:35pm

*Wish List-These are items we’d love to have donated.  If you have something on the list you’d like to donate, please send items to the school office.
·      College Mugs Hoped For-We are trying to collect 80 coffee cups with college logos by May 1.  Please send any donations to the office.
·      Sidewalk Chalk will be put to use during recess time.
·      Whisk brooms and small dust pans will be put to good use during recess time.
·      2 Gallon Zip Lock Baggies
·      Potting Soil
·      Garden Hose
·      Donations of children’s books can be put to good use in classroom libraries. Our kids love easy to read non-fiction books about animals.  Additionally, if your child has outgrown any of the following series or authors and you’d like to donate the books to grateful readers, please send them to the “Book Donations” box in the office.
·      Mouse and Mole
·      Iris and Walter
·      Piggie and Me
·      Ivy and Bean
·      Pete the Cat
·      Pinky and Rex
·      Henry and Mudge
·      Fly Guy
·      Who would win?
·      Rookie Readers
·      Ricky Ricotta
·      Bunjitsu Bunny
·      Anything by  P.D. Eastman
·      Anything by  Mo Willems
·      Anything by  Eric Carle
·      Anything by  Laura Numeroff
·      Anything by  Audrey (or Don) Wood

*Help Wanted-These are tasks with which we’d love to have help.  If you are able to help, email Mrs. C.-B. at and make sure your volunteer background check has been completed.
·      Volunteers for Program Set Up on April 12-We need help setting up for the K-1 music program Tuesday at 2:30pm.  If you can come and set up chairs in the cafeteria, please let Mrs. Z know OR just show up.
·      Volunteers with Access to SchoolPace (likely elementary school teachers) are needed to help level books.  This could be an easy home job with students serving as couriers. We will send home books with your child and you can look up the level then return them. 
·      Creative Tech Volunteer is needed to make a photo collage on Snapfish or Shutterfly type website to make a school puzzle.  If you can do this type of project for us, contact Mrs. CB for details on the vision of the project to be completed by August 1.
·      A Creative Volunteer is needed for a special project-make a visual tracking sheet for author book clubs.  We will send home a sample with your child then you can run with the idea if interested.
·      Book Shoppers-Do you like to shop for books?  Local GoodWill stores often have great books for less than a dollar each.  If you would like to shop for us (a great project for kids and families), please contact Mrs. CB.  We have specific titles, subjects and authors we are looking for as well a specific process for reimbursing.
·      Translators Wanted-If you are willing and able to translate school documents from English to Vietnamese, Korean, or Kurdish we would love to have key messages translated in order to better communicate with our whole school community.
·       Volunteer Photographer/Videographer wanted to help make process stories for different parts of our school. 

Appreciation to:
·      Thanks to the Sadek family for the donation of children’s books.
·      Thanks to Rachel Cillo for helping to level donated books so they are ready to add to classroom libraries.
Congratulations again to Public Health Ambassadors Holly Heaver and Jim Hayhurst for the

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