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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gratitude-May 23, 2017

Dear Sexton Mt. Families

Thanks to all who helped make the carnival so special for our children.  Time and time again, I heard that Sexton Mt. is the most welcoming, inclusive community in town.  Thanks especially to Lisa Chavez-Melo, Nicole Moes, Lisa McGarvey and their families for their leadership in making this event so special.

Thanks to our PTC Auction Team for providing the funding for new hoops on the playground.  Thanks to Lisa Lai for writing the proposal and working with our facilities department to have these installed.

Why do so many people work so hard for our students?  The kids in school today are the future.  Your investment grows exponentially.  It is clear that our community understands that investing in this resource will change the world!   Thank you for sharing your children with us!


Teresa Clemens-Brower, Ed. D.

School Goals  and Successes
·      Students starting the year Below Grade Level will make 1.5 years growth in reading achievement as measured by IRLA.
o   87 Students have made 2+ years of growth in reading as measured by IRLA
o   48 Students have made 1.6-1.9 years of growth in reading as measured by IRLA
·      Students starting the year at or above grade level will make at least one year of growth in reading achievement as measured by IRLA
o   110 Students have made 1-1.59 years of growth in reading as measured by IRLA
o   376 Students are working at or above grade level in reading
·      We have 1980 minutes of literacy instruction still to come between now and summer break.  We will finish strong!   

There have been a few isolated cases of head lice reported to the school recently. Head lice is a common condition. It is not associated with a lack of cleanliness or any particular life style.
Head lice should be suspected when there is intense itching and scratching of the scalp and the back of the neck, or when there is known infestation in the community. A close examination of the scalp will reveal small, whitish, tan or opaque eggs (nits) firmly attached to the hair shaft, especially at the nape of the neck or above the ears. They are about the size of this comma (,). Although dandruff may resemble eggs, dandruff can easily be removed from the hair. The louse egg is firmly attached to the hair and not easily removed by gently pulling on it.

If you need assistance, ask your doctor or call Washington County Health Department. There are also medicated shampoos that you can purchase over the counter from a drug store. Be sure to follow directions on the package.

The policy of the school district is:
· Nits only:
o Student is not excluded from class.
o Parents will be notified of the nits and should treat accordingly.
o Student will be re-checked at school following the treatment and then in one week.
· Live lice:
o Student is excluded from school until treated and all live lice are gone.
o School Health Room staff will check student upon returning to school.
o If nits only, student returns to class. They will be re-checked by the school weekly.
o If live lice, student is sent home until all live lice are gone.
We would appreciate notification of any known cases so that we may take precautionary measures at school. All information is confidential. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us control this difficult problem.

·      Early Release Starts Fall of 2017 - When planning for next year, please remember that the District will implement an early release model beginning September 13.
·      Thanks for keeping the office informed of any updated contact information. 
·      All medication (including allergy medicine and cough drops) must be signed in and out of the Health Room by an adult.
·      Volunteer Background Checks must be completed by all volunteers.  With so many field trips and special events coming up, please complete your background check today if you haven’t already OR call if you’re not sure if you have completed the updated form.  Volunteers must complete Background Checks and must have been approved to volunteer prior to any event.

*Wish List-These are items we’d love to have donated.  If you have something on the list you’d like to donate, please send items to the school office.
·      We are collecting cardboard paper towel tubes for an upcoming project.  Please send donations to the office by May 30.
·       Birding Books-We have several students who have shown great interest in the birds in our area.  If you have bird identification books you no longer use, I’m sure we can find a good home for them.

*Help Wanted-These are tasks with which we’d love to have help.  If you are able to help, email Mrs. C.-B. at and make sure your volunteer background check has been completed.
·      We need a volunteer to pick up a book order for us from Powell’s.  If you can swing by, let Mrs. Z know so we can let Powell’s know to expect you.

Appreciation to:,
·      Thanks to those in our community who continue to encourage safe, respectful and responsible behaviors of those on our campus during non-school hours.  Thanks for those who call the Washington County non-emergency line when you see vandalism happening on our property.  Thanks for sending pictures to help with identification.
·      Thanks to Mazen Elsadek for helping a new family feel included during the carnival and for explaining how the prize table works. 
·      Thanks to Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue for spending time at the carnival Friday.
·      Thanks to our We the People Judges.  We had an amazing group providing feedback to our students including:
·      Cassandra Buyserie,Administrative Prosecutor, Mom
·      Jen Fife-Adams,Executive Director, Planting Seeds
·      Kathryn Hall, Attorney at Law
·      Tom Colett, Beaverton School Board Member
·      Donna Tyner,Beaverton School Board Member
·      Tracy Carver,Project Manager at HealthInsight Oregon
·      Karen Stratton, Former Lawyer and Teacher
·      Melanee Lucas,College & Career Readiness TOSA
·      Billy Winters,Portland Police Detective
·      Colleen Shoemaker,Teacher OEA
·      Marilyn R. Cover, Executive Director, Classroom Law Project
·      Brian Talcott, Attorney at Law
·      Gabe Klinger, Grant High National Team
·      Ceyriss Caron, Portland Public School Teacher
·      Elizabeth Barrent, Mock Trial National Championship Team
·      Judge Erwin, Chief Criminal Judge, Washington County
·      Curtis Semana, Principal, Highland Park Middle

Upcoming Events
·      May 26 No School Assessment Day
·      May 29 No School Memorial Day
·      June 1 Family Literacy Night at Beaverton City Library @ 5:00pm
·      June 2 Volunteer Appreciation Celebration 2:00 – 3:00 pm
·      June 3 Run with the Eagles 5K
·      June 7 4th and 5th Grade Music Program at 6:30pm
·      June 16 Field Day (Volunteers must complete Background Checks prior to the event)
·      June 16-Field Day Clean Up Party at 3:45pm-Please help bring items in from the field and get them sorted and put away. 
·      June 22  Last Day of School for Students.  At 3:00pm we will make a “Send Off Archway” for our 5th Graders
    • Kinder through Fourth Graders have backpacks on and line hallway with backs to wall at 3:00pm-  As 5th graders walk by, younger students do the silent Sexton Mt. Cheer (high arm jazz hands)
    • Fifth grade students leave cafeteria, travel past lost and found, work room, first grade pod, fifth grade pod, purple pod restrooms, 4th grade pod, kinder pod, office, back to cafeteria to meet up with parents or to buses or pick up area (they can’t stop by office or we will have a traffic jam).
    • Other students dismiss as usual
·      June 23 All Lost and Found Items not picked up by 4:00pm will be Donated
·      June 26 All Medications not picked up from the Health Room by 4:00pm will be disposed of.
·      Aug. 2  School Office Open 8am-Noon
·      Aug. 9  School Office Open 8am-Noon
·      September 5-First Day of School for 1st-5th Grade
·      September 5-First Day of School for Kindergarten Students Last Name A-L
·      September 5-No School for Kindergarten Students Last Name M-Z
·      September 6-No School for Kindergarten Students Last Name A-L
·      September 6- First Day for Kindergarten Students Last Name M-Z
·      September 6-This is the only Wednesday of the school year with a 3:05pm dismissal due to it being the first day of school for some kindergarten students and some students at the middle and high school level too.
·      September 13-Early Release Wednesdays Begin-Sexton Mt. students will be dismissed at 1:35pm

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