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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Celebrations, Safety and Strong Finish-June 6, 2017

Dear Sexton Mt. Families,

Our community comes together in positive ways! At Family Literacy Night on Thursday, nine families volunteered time so that our students could understand a little bit more about backgrounds we represent, a living example of the library’s BUILD A BETTER WORLD theme.  Saturday morning, our community came together for the 5K as athletes, young and old, hit the streets then the path.    At both events, community members got to see how Sexton Mt. students and their families do life.

Twice during Family Literacy Night, parents were panicked because they couldn’t find a child.  Staff, parents and community members quickly came together to reunite child and adult. Our community looks out for one another!    Last week for instance, someone saw a person in our community exhibiting behaviors that didn't fit. The police were called and officers reminded us to always report suspicious activities. We are the eyes and ears of the community.  

Teaching our students how to be safe in different surroundings without terrifying them is a careful balancing act.  In the instance at the library, the kids who were separated from their parents were happily engaged in other things.  KIDS weren’t worried at all.   Director of BSD Public Safety Department, Rick Puente encourages us to help our kids be aware of their surroundings. 

Thanks to those in our community who continue to encourage safe, respectful and responsible behaviors of those on our campus during non-school hours.  Thanks for those who call the Washington County non-emergency line when you see vandalism happening on our property. 

When things happen in our community, Emergency Responders work closely with the Beaverton School District’s Public Safety Office.  We have a close working relationship with Beaverton Police, the Washington County Sherriff’s Department, and Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue.  

At the Volunteer Appreciation Celebration on Friday, our students shared songs of love, hope, persistence and the power of believing.  Great things are happening at school and in our community each day.  Thank you for supporting our students as they learn


Teresa Clemens-Brower, Ed. D.

School Goal Updates, Successes and Challenges
·      87 Students have made 2+ years of growth in reading as measured by IRLA
·      48 Students have made 1.6-1.9 years of growth in reading as measured by IRLA
·      157 Students have made 1-1.59 years of growth in reading as measured by IRLA
·      411 Students are working at or above grade level in reading
·      110 Students are not yet at grade level.  We are planning an on-line summer support piece for children in this group. 
·      We have 1170 minutes of literacy instruction still to come between now and summer break.  We will finish strong!   

·      Head Lice-It’s always a good idea to check heads weekly.
·      Great readers make plans for future reading.  Encourage your child to stay on track this summer by signing up for the summer reading program.
·      Early Release Starts Fall of 2017 - When planning for next year, please remember that the District will implement an early release model beginning September 13.  Sexton Mt. will release students at 1:35 on Wednesdays throughout the school year beginning September 13, 2017
·      Thanks for keeping the office informed of any updated contact information. 
·      All medication (including allergy medicine and cough drops) must be signed in and out of the Health Room by an adult.
·      Volunteer Background Checks must be completed by all volunteers.  With so many field trips and special events coming up, please complete your background check today if you haven’t already OR call if you’re not sure if you have completed the updated form.  Volunteers must complete Background Checks and must have been approved to volunteer prior to any event.

*Wish List-These are items we’d love to have donated.  If you have something on the list you’d like to donate, please send items to the school office.
·      Birding Books-We have several students who have shown great interest in the birds in our area.  If you have bird identification books you no longer use, I’m sure we can find a good home for them.

*Help Wanted-These are tasks with which we’d love to have help.  If you are able to help, email Mrs. C.-B. at and make sure your volunteer background check has been completed.

Emergency Backpack Restock-We regularly replace consumable items in our emergency backpacks.   We will have a work party from 2:00-3:00pm on Thursday, June 15 in the staff room.  Volunteers will replace 5 water bottles and 5 fruit snacks in each emergency backpack.  Water and snacks currently in backpacks will be used for Field Day.

Appreciation to:
·      Thanks to those in our community who continue to encourage safe, respectful and responsible behaviors of those on our campus during non-school hours.  Thanks for those who call the Washington County non-emergency line when you see vandalism happening on our property.  Thanks for sending pictures to help with identification.
·      Thanks to Elena, Maria, Mamiko, Holly, Hamina, Amanda, Shahndiin, and Heba for sharing at Family Literacy Night last week.
·      Thanks to Jacqui Carpenter and her team of volunteers for doing a fabulous job with the 5K last Saturday. 
·      Thanks to Katri Sever for serving as Volunteer Coordinator this year.  She threw a fabulous appreciation party last week.  We appreciate all she does to match needs with hands to fill the need.

Upcoming Events
·      June 7 4th and 5th Grade Music Program at 6:30pm
·      June 16 Field Day (Volunteers must complete Background Checks prior to the event)
·      June 16-Field Day Clean Up Party at 2:45pm-Please help bring items in from the field and get them sorted and put away. 
·      June 22- Last Day of School for Students.  At 3:00pm we will make a “Send Off Archway” for our 5th Graders
    • Kinder through Fourth Graders have backpacks on and line hallway with backs to wall at 3:00pm-  As 5th graders walk by, younger students do the silent Sexton Mt. Cheer (high arm jazz hands)
    • Fifth grade students leave cafeteria, travel past lost and found, work room, first grade pod, fifth grade pod, purple pod restrooms, 4th grade pod, kinder pod, office, back to cafeteria to meet up with parents or to buses or pick up area (they can’t stop by office or we will have a traffic jam).
    • Other students dismiss as usual
·      June 23 All Lost and Found Items not picked up by 4:00pm will be donated
·      June 26 All Medications not picked up from the Health Room by 4:00pm will be disposed of.
·      Aug. 2  School Office Open 8am-Noon
·      Aug. 9  School Office Open 8am-Noon
·      September 5-First Day of School for 1st-5th Grade
·      September 5-First Day of School for Kindergarten Students Last Name A-L
·      September 5-No School for Kindergarten Students Last Name M-Z
·      September 6-No School for Kindergarten Students Last Name A-L
·      September 6- First Day for Kindergarten Students Last Name M-Z
·      September 6-This is the only Wednesday of the school year with a 3:05pm dismissal due to it being the first day of school for some kindergarten students and some students at the middle and high school level too.
·      September 13-Early Release Wednesdays Begin-Sexton Mt. students will be dismissed at 1:35pm

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